January Summary

The first month of my 1,000 mile challenge is now over I thought that it was a good time to take note of what I have achieved so far and encourage me to keep going.

In this first month I have managed to run a total of 125.6km (78.04 miles). I feel as though at this stage this is a really good achievements for me. Not only because I am still new to running (and even newer to running almost everyday) but also because at this time of year it is cold and dark most of the time.

I do feel as though I am getting fitter. Running seems to be getting easier for me and my running is also getting faster. This should mean that over the next few months I can increase the number of miles that I am covering in my normal runs as well as my long runs.

As well as this and despite not eating a great diet this month I have also lost 2lbs, 5cm from my waist and 3cm from my hips.

This month has gone very well all things considered, I am sure that next month will be even better.

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