Lovely Spring Run

I don’t know if it officially spring time yet but my run this morning certainly felt as though it was a spring run.

There were daffodils and other spring flowers on the grass next to the cycle track which I run down. It was so warm that I was wearing only a small sleeveless top and running leggings. There was a nice breeze in the air which kept me at a reasonable temperature during the run. There were also a lot of birds around which gave me something nice to look at when I was running.

All of this made running really pleasant and enjoyable. I didn’t push for speed but I was able to make a reasonable pace anyway. It was a really relaxing way to start the day and I feel as though it made me a lot more played back for the rest of the day.

It did however make me think that I should take my camera out with me on runs or at least have my phone in a more accessible place when I am running so that I can take some pictures of the scenery and wildlife that I see along the way. Maybe I can try doing that later this week.

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