Time Off Work

Having time off work is great and very relaxing but it also makes me realise how much I need the structure of a regular job.

So far this week has been very productive, I have got to do a bunch of things that I wanted to do. Plenty of running, streaming, writing, I have also spent some time with my family and done some art. It is great to have some time where I can relax and get some things done as well as giving me a chance to recharge my batteries and get some of my energy back.

However, I have noticed that I have been tending towards sleeping in more than I would like. My intention was that I would be getting up at the same time as though I was going to work so that I could get plenty of things done and not find the transition to waking up early again next week quite so hard. However, it is only Thursday and this has started to slip which makes me wonder how bad this would be in the long term. Maybe I would end up waking up in the middle of the day and going to sleep in the middle of the night!

It makes me realise that needing to follow a routine for work is actually really good for me and is probably not some thing that I have the discipline to do by myself. This doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy having time off because I certainly do, but I don’t think that long periods of time off (months/years) would be good for me.

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