Weekend Running

I enjoy my weekend runs because I am usually less time pressured than during the week but there is one major issue with running on the weekend. That is the amount of people who are rude and will not give you any space.

I am generally a very polite person, I will always make room for people to pass me if I am walking/running/cycling with someone else but this does not seem to be something that a lot of people do on the weekend. They will continue to walk towards me as a group taking up the whole pavement. This makes things more difficult than they should be and is totally unnecessary.For me this adds to my anxiety levels on the weekend which is something that I could really do without.

Despite this I still managed to get out for my run this afternoon. I managed to run for 10km, I am feeling good about the amount of running that I have managed this week and I think I have earned myself a rest day for tomorrow and some quality relaxation for the rest of the weekend.

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