Drawing Therapy

As I mentioned in a previous post, over the last week or so I have been feeling pretty down. Although this hasn’t affected my day to day life too much I have found that it has hugely affected my motivation. I haven’t been running, walking or writing as much as I would have liked recently.

Today I decided to do some drawing to help me feel better. It wasn’t anything special but I find drawing like this to be quite therapeutic. I think that this is partially because it forces me to stop over thinking about things and just concentrate on what I am doing for a change.

The drawing that I am currently working on is inspired by the game bioshock infinite and I am doing it on my iPad. In many ways I prefer doing art on my iPad to any other medium. I have previously tried digital art but I have always found this difficult as you cant draw straight onto the canvas as you can on paper (or on iPad). I also prefer iPad to drawing on paper as I don’t worry as much about ruining my art by making a mistake.

I am feeling a bit more positive now, I am hoping that this will last and I can get back some of my motivation and be more productive going forward.

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