New Running Routes

The blossom is fully out now and although it is very pretty it is also really not good for my hay fever. I suffer from tree pollen, this means that this time of year is difficult for me but that I should be mostly symptom free by the time it reaches summer time.

unfortunately however all of my current running routes take me though places with a lot of blossom. In fact it is quite difficult for me to find anywhere near where I live where there are no blossom trees.

I guess there have to be a few downsides to living in a quiet picturesque village. When compared to living in a big city this really isn’t something that I should be moaning about.

I am going to have to look around and try a number of different running routes for the next few weeks to try and avoid the worst of the blossom. Then I can go back to my standard running routes. Well, either that or put up with more itchy eyes and sneezes!

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