Back to a Healthy Lifestyle

I have just today come off a long bank holiday weekend and I have to admit that during this time I have not done great in terms of diet. Although I didn’t have any chocolate, I did eat more than usual including having a take away.

I also didn’t move as much as I normally would, I haven’t been cycling (as I was not at work) and with the warm weather I have not been able to take the dog on any long walks. This means that I have actually spent most of this long weekend sat down in one way or another. This was very relaxing and it does feel good to take some time to relax but I am not feeling great now.

This coupled with the fact that I have been feeling a bit off for a few weeks means that I am back to where I started in terms of weight. This is a bit disappointing but not really surprising, I knew this year was going to be difficult for me emotionally so there was always going to be ups and downs.

I am now signed up for a 10km race in the summer (and I plan to sign up for a few more in the coming months). This should help me to stay motivated in terms of exercise. I am also hoping that I can improve my diet over the coming weeks and months to help me to lose a bit of weight so that I can run faster.

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