Worst Run Ever

I set off for my run this afternoon and it was pretty much the same as any other run. I was quite hot and by about 2km in I was regretting my choice to wear a small running jacket.

By the time I got to 3km however, this decision showed to be a good move. The wind picked up and the Sky opened. I decided that even though I was planning for a longer run today it was probably a good idea to turn back at this point, I wasn’t really prepared for this weather and the last thing that I needed right now was to get ill.

Within a few minutes of turning back it started hailing heavily on me. As I was running down a cycle track surrounded on both sides by fields there was nowhere that I could take shelter so I had no choice but to keep going.

the hail turned back to rain again within 5-10 minutes but by this stage I was completely soaked (so much so that there were pools of water in my trainers) and feeling throughly miserable.

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