Feeling Better

I don’t feel quite up to running again yet but I have been feeling better. The last few days I have been trying to walk faster in my lunchtime walks. This will help me to increase my fitness level as well as helping me to get at least some exercise when I am not feeling up to doing proper exercise.

This lunchtime I managed to walk for 5km at a pace that is not really that much slower than my running pace. I am hoping that with this, by the end of the weekend I will feel able to go for a run again.

One thing that has been going well this week however is my diet. I have managed to eat well and not to snack. There have been a few days where I have been really tempted to eat junk food or take away food but I have done really well at avoiding these temptations and staying on track

I am back at work next week so that will be the real challenge for me

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