Two Weeks Till My Challenge Starts

It is hard to believe that it is now exactly two weeks till the start of 2019. This however also means that it is only two weeks till I start my challenge.

Part of me is looking forward to getting going on this challenge and eating into the miles. However, these is also a part of me that is still slightly apprehensive about the number of miles that I have ahead of me and how easy it is to get behind on this type of thing.

Having said this, I am now on holiday until the 2nd January. This means I have an opportunity to get in a lot of training sessions including some longer training sessions to build up my fitness and stamina.

I would say that these two weeks will also give me time to reduce my weight a bit but who am I kidding? with all the Christmas food around I will be lucky if I don’t put on a good few extra pounds. The chances of my actually losing any weight is pretty low I would think!

I am hoping that at some point in the next week I will feel up to doing my first 10 km run in about a year and half. I used to run this distance quite regularly but it has been a while so I have been building up to it slowly. I feel like I am getting close to being able to do that distance again even though I am still a long way off the pace that I used to be able to run at.

I think that longer distance runs will be the key to this challenge. Doing a few longer runs will give me the chance to take a few extra rest days and will also make up for any days where I am unable to run through either sickness or injury.

For this reason, I am planing to aim to take part in a couple of runs at the half marathon distance as well as a number of 10 km runs throughout the course of my challenge. I am hoping that I will be able to take part in my first ever half marathon in approximately May 2019.


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