Nice Quiet Run

I went for a run today and for once there was pretty much nobody around. Usually when I go for a run down the cycle track near where I live there are lots of people walking dogs or cycling which I have to navigate my way around.

Today however there was hardly anyone around. I think this might have been because of a mixture of things, including some people still being at work and the weather not being brilliant. Whatever the reasons were, it was great for running so I decided to make the most of it by going for a bit of a longer run.

I managed to run for 7.25 km without stopping which is the most I have managed since starting running again (and probably quite a while before that as well). I did feel as though I could have run for further than this but the last thing I need when I am trying to build up my fitness is to risk injury by pushing myself too hard.

It did make me realise one thing however, I could probably do with making a few different music playlists for running. I have been likening to the daily mix which spotify suggests for me up till now but today I really didn’t feel like listening to the songs it suggested. This meant that I had to keep altering the songs and looking for other songs while I was running. While this is not the worst thing ever, it will have probably effected my pace somewhat.

Other than that one small issue it was quite a relaxing run and I got to see some nice sheep in one of the fields 🙂

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